The right time of getting carpets cleaned is often the most debatable topic. Carpet owners either follow the rule of thumb or try DIY hacks for keeping their carpets clean. However, it is important to understand that just an annual professional carpet cleaning isn’t ideal for all.

Different homes have different factors that must be considered when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. More traffic, pets, a dusty environment, changing seasons and so on are the factors that decide how often you should clean your carpets. But, wouldn’t it be best to get your carpets cleaned every season?

Getting your carpets cleaned every season has several advantages that you should know. Therefore, here we’ll discuss the different seasons when you should avail carpet cleaning services and find out which is best for you!

Spring Season Carpet Cleaning

The Spring season is the busiest time of the year for carpet steam cleaning companies. Why? Because most homeowners prefer getting their carpets cleaned during this season, and here are the following reasons:

Eliminate Dirt- With all the dust, salt particles and debris that accumulated during the winters, it is best to let it all out before these allergens start taking a toll on the carpets.

Pollen and Allergies- As the spring season arrives, all the doors and windows are opened to let the fresh air in. However, these fresh airs bring in a lot of dirt, pollen and allergens inside. Those who are allergic to pollen, must not wait for another season to get their carpets cleaned.

Spring carpet cleaning can provide you with instant relief from allergies. So, if you are worried about your safety and health, feel free to give your carpets a deep professional cleaning during this time of the year.

Summer Season Carpet Cleaning

The summer season is known for its fun vibes but unfortunately, it brings in a lot of dirt and bacteria to your carpets. Here’s how your carpets get dirty:

Long Vacations- With kids at home because of a long vacation, frequent poolside parties, and get-togethers the traffic in your house increases which affects your carpet’s cleanliness.

Pollens, Moulds and Humidity- Further, pollination, pest and mould infestation remain at their peak during this time of the year. If your region receives high humidity, it is bad news for your carpets. The case of carpet moulds is pretty frequent in this season, which means you need to be cautious around the carpets.

All these activities are enough to damage your carpets. And, that makes summer an ideal season to get your carpets cleaned. Moreover, your carpets won’t take long in drying up as well!

Avail professional carpet cleaning service during the summer season so your carpets can let out a breath of fresh air while you remain away on vacation for a week or two.

Fall Season Carpet Cleaning

Many carpet owners prefer getting their carpets cleaned during the fall season, and here are some reasons why:

Holiday Preparation- With so many festivals lined up, fall is the best time to get your carpets cleaned. Your home looks more welcoming when the carpets are spotless and shining.

Get Summer Dirt Out- Summer is a fun season and it brings in a lot of dirt, no matter if your house has active toddlers or not. The doors and windows remain open during the summer season which means pollen, dust and other airborne allergens will enter and settle in your carpets.

Indoor Air Quality- This season gives your carpets some time to breathe with kids back to school and boost your indoor air quality as you prepare to spend more time indoors.

This time of the year is moderately busy for the carpet cleaning companies mostly because of the festival season. However, you cannot just leave your carpets with summer dirt and make your house welcoming to guests.

For getting rid of the dirt and pollen that settled during the summer season, you should avail professional carpet cleaning services during fall.

Winter Season Carpet Cleaning

The Winter season confuses most carpet owners, and they remain reluctant at getting their carpets cleaned at this time of the year. However, winter is one of the best seasons for carpet cleaning, and here are some reasons why:

More Indoor Time- When the chilling air starts blowing outdoors, people spend more time inside their houses. And, when your carpets aren’t cleaned before winter, a lot of allergens trapped inside can start taking a toll on your health. You may have breathing issues and allergies.

Festivals- Winter season has several festivals. However, festivals aren’t just about food and celebration; it is also about a welcoming venue. And, for most homeowners, the presentation of their house matters especially when guests are about to arrive.

More Dirt- When hoisting a party, you don’t expect your guests to open shoes at your door. This mean, you should accept the fact that your carpets will get soiled and stained during this time of the year.

Quick Drying- Many remain reluctant at getting their carpets cleaned during the winter season as they are worried about the carpet drying time. With limited sunlight and snow all around the place, customers worry that their carpets may take longer in drying up. Surprisingly, it is not true. Your carpets dry quickly during the winter seasons because of the lack of humidity.

It would be best to give your carpets a deep cleaning as the winter season ends. Because, by this time all the festivals come to an end, and you can finally eliminate all the stains and soil particles that have been trapped over time.

Final Words

Now, you know that seasonal carpet cleaning is the best way to keep your prized possession clean, and healthy. However, if your carpets have stains, pet accidents and odour problems, don’t wait for another season.

Contact professionals for carpet cleaning and get instant solutions to all your problems!