Your carpet goes through a lot of battering every day. Dust accumulation, stains, spills, pet accidents; and so on make it difficult for the carpets to remain clean and durable. That’s why availing of professional carpet cleaning services is crucial!

However, when it comes to carpet cleaning the team of carpet owners gets divided in two. One relies on professional carpet cleaning, while others believe in the power of DIY hacks. But, which approach is the best? And how do we find out?

For finding which method is better among professional carpet steam cleaning and DIY carpet cleaning, we will study the pros of cons of both the methods based on certain factors.

Carpet Cleaning Technique

Professional- When it comes to carpet cleaning, every carpet has a different requirement. A carpet that needs steam cleaning should not be dry cleaned as it

affects the durability of the carpet. When you rely on professionals for carpet cleaning, the experts know about the right cleaning techniques that are suitable according to the fibre variant.

DIY- When carpet owners decide to take matters into their own hands, there’s a 50-50 probability of whether or not they know about the right cleaning techniques. As carpets come in various fabrics, shapes, and colours, cleaning them appropriately is important so you don’t end up causing more damage.


Professionals- A carpet cleaning company has ample necessary resources required for cleaning and maintaining carpets. They have truck mounts, heavy-duty dehumidifiers, hot water extraction machines, and many other tools that aren’t available for residential use. Cleaning your carpets with equipment gives an unbeatable result that leaves you impressed.

DIY- When it comes to cleaning carpets at home, the first thing that most households lack is the equipment. Furthermore, it is not easy to find heavy-duty machines in the market. And, even more so the cost of purchasing these machines is very high. Expecting a grand result with DIY carpet cleaning hacks or handheld devices is a mistake.


Professionals- When you expect a flawless result you call for professional carpet cleaning services. So, why do people rely on professionals so much? It is because of their expertise. The carpet cleaners undergo years of training and have hands-on experience when it comes to cleaning different carpets using different techniques. Moreover, the professionals who clean your carpets are licensed and certified.

DIY- Homeowners may have different knowledge and skills when it comes to carpet cleaning. They may be clueless or have gained knowledge from the internet. Both circumstances, don’t promise any expertise or effective result. And, when you lack expertise, the risk of damage and accident remains high. You may end up causing more damage to the carpets and yourself.


Professional- One of the advantages of hiring professionals for carpet cleaning is for getting convenience. Dealing with heavy carpets at home is not easy. However, when you rely on the experts for the job you remain stress-free. The team of experts arrives at your location to take care of the carpets, while you relax.

DIY- While DIY hacks can make you sound knowledgeable they aren’t convenient. You need to spend time researching the facts, and then gathering supplies so you can finally deal with your dirty carpets. Moreover, handling a dirty carpet at home is not an easy job. You may require some support from your family or friends, which is just too much of a hassle.

Results and Expectations

Professional- When you hire experts for getting your carpets cleaned, you expect a flawless result. Moreover, it is the carpet cleaning company that provides guaranteed results. The experts use effective techniques, modern devices, and eco-friendly cleaning solution that adds a new life to the carpets while eliminating stains and dust.

DIY- With do-it-yourself hacks, you cannot expect a professional-like result. Why? Because DIY hacks often lack the use of proper tools and cleaning solutions. You may not get extraordinary results and end up being disappointed. Therefore, if you are expecting a great carpet cleaning result, it is important that you rely on experts for carpet steam cleaning Hobart !


Professional- One benefit of hiring professional carpet cleaners is the quick services. As the professionals are well-aware of the procedure and different carpet requirements, they get the job done quickly while using modern tools and machines. The entire process of inspection, cleaning, and drying is concluded within just 2-4 hours. This helps in saving a lot of time!

DIY- Carpet cleaning is a lengthy process. It requires time for inspection, cleaning, and drying. You may end up wasting over 5-6 hours on the task when you lack the

expertise, skills, and devices. Moreover, you should know that when a carpet isn’t dried properly it develops mould growth which is another risk you need to tackle at home.


Professional- When you avail of carpet cleaning services from a renowned company, they schedule the arrival time as per the customer’s availability. Moreover, many companies are offering flexible services which are can be availed 24×7 and even on public holidays. This way you don’t need to remain present at your home or take a day off just to get your carpets cleaned.

DIY- With DIY carpet cleaning, you don’t need to worry about any schedule or appointment. You can get started with your carpet cleaning whenever you want. Therefore, here it can be said that DIY carpet cleaning services are more flexible.

Cost Involved

Professional- The cost of availing of professional carpet cleaning services is somewhat high than the cost of DIY carpet cleaning. However, you should know that the cost of carpet cleaning depends on the size of carpets, dirt level, and cleaning technique used.

DIY- The cost involved in DIY is almost zero because several hacks emphasize the use of a few ingredients that are available in your kitchen. You can save a lot of money with a DIY carpet cleaning hack especially when there are minor problems!

Final Words

If you intend on saving time and getting flawless carpet cleaning results then hiring professionals is the best option for you. Else, you can use DIY hacks for tackling minor issues and save a lot of money! Based on your carpet problems and requirements, hire professionals or use DIY hacks.