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Are you considering getting a new carpet to replace your worn-out, outdated, and filthy one? After hearing us out, you might want to reconsider your situation. Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning can restore your carpet in a few hours for less money than it would cost to replace it. Isn’t that the best approach? Your time, money, and effort are all saved with our top-notch carpet repair service.

So, connect with us today and preserve the life of your carpets without spending much. Hurry up; your carpet deserves it.

Signs That Your Carpet Needs Professionals for Carpet Repair

Are you wondering how to know if your carpet needs a repair session or not? Here are the signs to confirm it:

  • Stubborn Stains
  • Awful Smell
  • Depleted Padding
  • Mould Growth
  • Shabby Look
  • Mold Growth
  • Black Patches
  • Holes and Wrinkles
  • Decoloration
  • Ripples and Broken Seam
  • Worn Out Edges
  • Carpet Burns

Have you observed these signs? If yes, contact us immediately for top-notch carpet repair in Melbourne. We can restore your carpet’s original charm!

All Carpet Repairs Under One Roof

Carpet Seam Repair

Any space is made cozier and warmer by carpets. But what if you accidentally step on a carpet seam? Don’t worry; we offer top-notch carpet seam repair services. Carpet seams could be rather ugly. It could ruin the aesthetic of your décor and cause degeneration or tears. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to repair carpet seams. We are trustworthy and goal-oriented due to our customer-focused services.

Carpet Wrinkle Repair

Carpet wrinkles can look ugly. They can make your place look old and out of maintenance. Our specialists remove these wrinkles with techniques such as reinstallation, stretching, or steam cleaning.

Carpet Hole Repair

Carpet holes may ruin the aesthetics of your space. If a guest notices, it could be embarrassing. It is a common problem for those who own carpets. But before the hole gets bigger, it’s crucial to solve this problem. In this case, call us for the best carpet hole repair service. If not fixed right away, replacing the carpet might be expensive.

Carpet Torn Repair

Due to their regular use, carpets are easily accessible for twists or burns. You don’t have to replace your carpet if it tears. Contact us now for the best carpet cleaning and repair. Our professionals are accessible every day of the week, around-the-clock.

Carpet patching and Repatching

If one of your carpet’s components is broken, you cannot throw it away. Our experts can create a better patchwork to replace the patch. Your carpet is replaced when we identify the necessary repair. The patches and the original carpet are identical to one another. Our experts have extensive understanding in this area.

Carpet Burn Repair

Burned carpets can ruin the look of your house as a whole. No matter how carefully you maintain your home, burnt carpets can quickly demolish it. Anything may have started the fire, including a lit cigarette or a piece of coal that had burned. The carpet, however, cannot be repaired at home once it has been burnt. For carpet burn repair, then, get in touch with our carpet repair expert and leave the rest to our professionals.

Water Damage Carpet Repair and Restoration

The carpet might be ruined by water from a flood, a washing machine, or a dishwasher. However, our experts can repair your carpet’s condition utilizing sophisticated techniques. In this case, you need to get in touch with us right away. We deep clean and repair your water-damaged carpets. We ensure 100% safety with sanitization, mold removal, and steam cleaning.

Carpet Installation

Do you have a new carpet and want to install them? We are here for you! We offer affordable yet quality carpet installation and reinstallation services for your convenience and the carpet’s safety.

Even if your carpet’s issue is not mentioned above, you can call us for an inspection and repair. We can detect the problem and offer hassle-free and quick solutions.

Your Pet Damaged Your Carpet? We Can Fix It!

Sometimes, your extra playful pet may chew the carpet’s edges or scratch with their little paws and sharp nails. They may do it to show excitement or mark their territories. However, these may ruin your carpet. But we are here to take care of that! We can restore your carpet without any hassle.

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Your carpet is the soul of the room. It beautifies the interior and offers comfort and coziness to your soft toes. However, holes, wrinkles, or burned patches can ruin these purposes. Therefore, we offer 100% safe and quick carpet repair in Melbourne. We understand your concerns and work hard to secure your flooring.


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