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Pets are known for being your best friend and making you immensely happy, but owning them can be messy sometimes. Pets can hamper your cleanliness and hygiene maintenance at home. Feeling stressed? Don’t worry, as Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning is here to help you by providing excellent services of carpet pet removal Melbourne.

Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning is an industry leader in offering remarkable cleaning services all across Melbourne. We provide a wide range of cleaning services to residential and commercial locations. From pet stain removal to carpet pet urine removal Melbourne, we provide complete services. We promise to provide guaranteed customer satisfaction by delivering the finest quality services.

We have a highly qualified team of experts who provide Urine Stain Treatment Melbourne. Our priority lies in the elimination of carpet problems caused by pets like stain and carpet odor removal Melbourne. For clarification of any doubt or for booking our services contact our professionals at Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning.

Why Choose To Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning

We are one reputed carpet cleaning organization, and several reasons make us unique and better than others. Here are a few of our amazing qualities:

Our professionals like to have all the necessary information about the carpet before providing any tips or quotes. Hence, our experts ask several questions for understanding the carpet condition. We don’t force or rush customers into making a booking.

We treat your carpets like our own and hence execute our services of pet stain removal efficiently and with care.

We have been providing early morning bookings as well.

We provide emergency and same-day services of urine stain treatment Melbourne.

Our professionals come equipped with cutting-edge technology devices that are easy to handle and also bring truck mounts.

Only non-toxic cleaning products are used for carpet stain removal Melbourne. Our happiness lies in delivering a safe and hygienic carpet for creating a healthy environment.

Our technicians are highly qualified, licensed, and experienced in providing complete services of cleaning and carpet odor removal Melbourne.

We are completely insured, and go extra mile for making our customers happy and satisfied.

We deal with all kinds of pet stains and carpet problems, so feel free in calling us any time you need our services in Melbourne.

Carpet Cleaning Process At Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning

At, Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning we execute our cleaning process while following standard steps for pet odor removal Melbourne, and these are mentioned below:

The process of carpet cleaning begins with an inspection as soon as our professionals drop by your location. After a thorough inspection, we use a special moisture meter to identify the depth of urine and locate the source of odor in the carpet.

Next, we proceed with the examination of fabric type, the degree of damage and identify how long the carpets have been absorbed in urine. We may take the carpets out for better inspection. After thoroughly analyzing, the treatment plan is formulated.

When the odor is strong, our professionals apply a resin for odor blocking. As the preparation for cleaning carpets is done, the cleaning area is treated using carbonating solution.

We use our specialized sanitizer shampoo for cleaning the urine-stained carpet. By using our modern technology-based equipment, we perform hot water extraction on the carpet, for the extracting stains and bacteria.

Our professionals use cleaning products thoroughly on the surface, subfloor, and both sides of the carpets.

Later, an effective solution is used for carpet odor removal Melbourne, and the carpet is dried using an industry-approved device. After the carpets are completely dry, we perform a final inspection to spot if stains are still left.

Only, after we are completely satisfied with the cleaning work, we hand over the carpet to our customer.

We are a leading cleaning company based in Melbourne and serving thousands of customers locally. So, whenever you find your furry pets have made a mess in your house, feel free in calling Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning for help.

Services Available At Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning: At, Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning we provide the best options of cleaning services to residents all across Melbourne. Our cleaning process is designed to ensure complete pet stain removal. With us, you can experience the luxury of having fresh and hygienic carpets at your home and workplace.

Rug cleaning: Do you have some fragile rugs? Don’t worry just bring them to us and receive a crisp rug from Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning. We carefully execute rug cleaning services while assuring safety. Book our affordable services now, and create a healthy environment in your house.

Pet stain and carpet odor removal Melbourne: We adore being surrounded by our pets, however not with their urine-stained carpets. Don’t worry, we provide carpet pet urine removal Melbourne. With our years of experience, we can eliminate any type of urine stain and odor from your carpets. With us, you can spend more time with your pets and lesser time agonizing about your carpet’s condition.

Flood damage restoration: Every Melbourne resident has experienced flood damage, at least once in their lives. But, with our expert flood damage restoration services, the condition of your carpets can be completely transformed. Our eco-friendly, safe, and effective methods are highly effective in cleaning your carpets. So, feel free in calling Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning in emergencies.

Upholstery cleaning: Additionally, we also provide upholstery cleaning services in Melbourne. All you need to do is point to the upholstery item you want to get cleaned, and our professionals will give you amazing results. All types of fabric are cleaned by us using eco-friendly cleaning solvents and adopting effective methods.

End-of-lease cleaning: For tenants who don’t enjoy cleaning, getting the deposit back can be quite challenging. Stop stressing over getting your bond back, just give us a call for complete carpet stain removal Melbourne. Leave your carpet cleaning worries to us, and just focus on moving out.

Advantages Of Carpet Pet Removal Melbourne

Remaining ignorant about that urine-stained carpet at your home is not beneficial at all. Pet urine on carpet only invite troubles, and here’s what all pet owners should know:

Presence of ammonia: It’s the presence of ammonia that is liable for releasing that terrible smell from pet urine. Although every pets’ urine contains ammonia, if you are a cat owner, their urine has a slightly higher concentration of ammonia. Being surrounded by ammonia affects the health of a person who already has different allergies, asthma, COPD, and other problems.

Bacteria growth: Carpet stain removal Melbourne is one crucial service for pet owners. The reason being, the presence of urine stains on the carpet encourages bacteria invasion. Individuals having weaker immunity, respiratory diseases, and eyes-related issues, children, and the elderly are likely to get badly impacted by such carpets.

Mould Growth: When carpets become a favorite spot for your pet for urination, these rugs instantly develop mold. The development of mold on your carpets can be risky for your loved ones. Several types of mold can cause respiratory diseases and can do severe damage to your lungs.

Hence, it is ideal to stay away from such inconvenience by calling Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning for help. We help our customers by providing effective services of urine stain treatment in Melbourne.

When Does Effective Urine Stain Treatment Become Crucial?

Owning a pet often compels owners for availing themselves of professional urine stain and odor removal services. Urine-stained carpets develop terrible stains and release foul smell constantly. Urine does not stop on the carpet surface but infiltrates through the fabric and damages your surface flooring as well. Elimination of pet urine is unimaginable with just a vacuum cleaner.

If you will continue being ignorant of the constant urine seepage, your carpet, along with flooring and foundation will degrade. The dried pet urine leaves crystals that are difficult to clean. General home cleaning isn’t enough when it comes to removing pet urine stain treatment Melbourne.

We, Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning highly suggest availing of our excellent services. The process may seem time-consuming, but it is vital for maintaining a healthy environment at home and keeping your carpets clean. We provide diverse carpet pet removal services, so whether your upholstery is damaged or your rugs are ruined, feel free in getting in touch with us.

Being a pet owner, you must be aware of your pet’s habits. Generally, pets choose the same spot repeatedly for peeing, and it can increase your difficulties. And, regular hiring of professionals for cleaning your carpet is neither a feasible option nor beneficial for your carpet’s life.

No issues, our experts are well-trained in handling all kinds of carpet and pet problems. As your pet isn’t going to change its habits in a day, you can surely learn how to change the underlays from us. Mastering this skill won’t just save you from further odor problems but also help you in saving a great sum of money.

Call Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning today, and put an end to all your worries!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I understand the signs that call for services of carpet pet removal Melbourne?

Being a pet owner, you must know how strong pets’ urine is. Pet urine gives out a strong intolerable smell and also leaves ugly stains on your carpet. Stained carpets are neither welcoming nor hygienic. When you witness your carpets are looking awful and releasing strong odor, feel free in calling Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning for cleaning assistance.

2. Can your urine stain treatment Melbourne destroy the fabrics of my carpets?

No. Our experts use specialized cleaning solvent that does not contain harsh chemicals and is environment-friendly for treating urine stains. We assure complete elimination of the stains from your carpets without damaging the fabrics.

3. Can urine stains on the carpet impact my health?

Yes. Carpet urine stains do more than harming your house’s aesthetics. The presence of urine-soaked carpets causes health problems to individuals having asthma, sensitive skin, weak immunity, eye problems, and so on. Seeking help from professionals for same-day services of pet stain removal Melbourne is highly recommended.

4. What should I do while waiting for professionals to arrive?

As our professionals reach your location, there are a few things you can do for quick carpet cleaning. Keep your children and pets in a safe place, and remove all your belongings from the carpet that requires cleaning. Such efforts are highly appreciated, and we will provide quick services for carpet pet removal Melbourne.

5. Can I afford your carpet cleaning services?

Yes. No matter if you need services of pet stain removal or carpet pet urine removal Melbourne, all our services are reasonably priced. We offer discounts for availing a combination of services and also offer a money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.


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