The Best Carpet Steam Cleaning In Melbourne

Carpet steam cleaning is a perfect way to give your carpet the fresh look it deserves. It involves an innovative method of carpet cleaning. However, this cleaning method needs technicians and advanced machines. Some carpet issues like tough stains, dirt or dust can’t be resolved by dry cleaning or by cleaning the carpet at home. It needs deep steam cleaning by professionals.

Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides you with top-notch solutions for your carpet related issues. We are known for our high-quality services of carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. We apply green and safe solutions to your carpet and steam clean it with the latest techniques and machines. Our team is experienced and talented. They know exactly what will clean your carpet perfectly.

Why Trust Us for Steam Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne?

Steam cleaning is an advanced way to make your carpet look fresh and completely spotless. Our specialised professional carpet cleaners can remove the toughest stains and dirt from your carpet. We understand the value of your carpet and need to keep it absolutely clean.

As technology is advancing day by day, we make most of it by using the technology in our carpet steam cleaning services. We have all updated machines for steam cleaning, drying and deodorization of carpets. Our experts are trained in handling all these machines. We do not just clean the surface of the carpet. We deep clean the carpet and make sure every particle of dirt and foreign material is washed off from the carpet.

We are proud to say that our services are quick and affordable. Here are some more facilities that will prove to you why we are a trustworthy firm for steam carpet cleaning in Melbourne.

  • Same-day carpet cleaning services
  • Free sanitisation
  • 24/7 customer support and on-site services
  • Availability on weekends and public holidays
  • Free deodorization of carpets
  • Advanced tools and machines
  • Certified and licenced experts
  • Use of green and safe solutions
  • Quality services at an affordable range

You can call us anytime and book our exclusive services of carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Your carpets are safe with us. With sheer professionalism, our team is polite and friendly too. Once you call us, it is our responsibility to reach you and clean the carpet by using top-class techniques. Our team will guide you throughout the process and you can ask them any doubts.

Benefits of Choosing Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is an authentic way to secure the life and quality of your carpet or rug. It is a simple method of carpet cleaning that is based on the concept of complete and deep carpet cleaning.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning, Have A Look:

Dirt and tough stain removal

The hot water technique in steam cleaning affects the stained fibres and wash off the dirt. It gets down to each strand of the fibres and makes it clean. So, all the dirt, dust, pollutants and stains are washed away. This is the best method if your carpet has many tough stains. The hot water process makes the stains weakened and it becomes easier to remove the mess.

Dust mites and bacterial growth removal

Bacterial growth is hard to deal with. It can ruin both your carpet and health. Your health is more valuable than anything else, hence we provide excellent steam cleaning that removes all fungus, bacterias, dust mites and what not. Completely safe cleaning of your carpet is our top priority. We remove all these pollutants by applying the steam cleaning method.

No risk of carpet damage

Many people think that hot water may damage their carpet fabric. But it is the exact opposite. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your carpet make it more durable. So, our steam cleaning method is highly safe and does not result in carpet damage.

Use of safe detergents for carpet cleaning

We use only safe cleaning solutions. In steam cleaning, we do not use any shampoo or dishwashing detergents. We use eco-friendly solvents to keep your carpet safe.

Add years to your carpet’s life

Steam cleaning deep cleans your carpet and makes it look like a new one. It extends its life by adding years to the carpet. A regular steam cleaning is all you need to keep your carpet clean and fresh.

There are plenty of benefits of hiring professionals to steam clean your carpet. It makes your carpet more durable, fresh and hygienic. Call us right away and give your carpet the fresh and clean look it deserves.

Step-to-Step Steam Carpet Cleaning

We follow some standard steps to complete the steam cleaning process. This process involves many factors. Following the steps, we use steam to clean your carpet completely.

1. Making space to get the carpet

Carpets are spread all over your flooring. Commonly, the room must be occupied with furniture and other essentials of home or office decor. We help you to remove these assets and make space for carpets. This gives us complete exposure to the carpet. We can start cleaning the carpet once it’s fully available for us.

2. Vacuuming the carpet

Once the furniture and other assets are clear out of the way, we use vacuum cleaners to clean the outer layer of the carpet. We remove layers of dirt, dust, soil and other tiny removable particles by vacuuming. Once the carpet is vacuumed well, it becomes ready for steam cleaning.

3. Hot water technique for cleaning

After vacuuming, we filled the steam cleaner container with hot water and other cleansers. We do not use more quantities of chemicals as it is not useful. The hot water process makes the fibres lose the dirt and stains.

4. Cleaning of corners

We start to steam clean the carpets from the corner. We make sure that every part of the carpet is completely clean, whether it is a corner or middle portion of the carpet. We complete one room’s carpet and then move to the next room.

5. Drying procedure

Once the steam cleaning is done, we leave the carpet to dry. As the carpet is completely dry, we shift back the furniture. We advise the customers not to walk on wet carpet as it may make it dirty again. Complete dryness is important to move the furniture back to its place.

6. Sanitization and Deodorization

We offer free sanitization and deodorization of the carpet once it is completely cleaned. Our professionals are expert in providing a fresh and completely cleaned, germ-free carpet.

Once a carpet is cleaned, you feel like the entire room is washed with clean water and fragrant solvents. It gives a fresh vibe to your surroundings. Call us right away and be ready to enjoy our hassle-free services of the best carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne.

Our Best Steam Cleaning Method

Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is the best and effective method for steam cleaning carpets. We use the hot water extraction method. Hot water extraction is widely known for its effectiveness in removing all dirt and dust particles. The hot water works like magic to your carpet by making it completely clean. This process not only makes the carpet look clean but also removes all the germs and bacterias. This makes the carpet hygienic and safe for use.

We use state of the art technology for hot water extraction methods. It washes the carpet thoroughly. The water washes off the dirt from the fibres and makes it fresh. Our specialised professional carpet cleaners are experienced in using this particular method for steam cleaning of the carpet. We make sure that your carpet is completely cleaned, fresh and hygienic. Call us today and give your carpet the nourishment. Your carpet is the place where your kids play, so it is very important to have a cleaned and hygienic carpet all the time.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaning At Affordable Prices

Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has earned an industry reputation as the most reliable and affordable carpet cleaning services. We arrive at your place, clean the carpets with specialised tools and solutions, dry them and make them clean completely. We use pre-spray shampoo to loosen the stain and dirt particles. We give the finest cleaning services at the most affordable price range.

Along with the above-mentioned steps, we also offer free sanitization and deodorization of carpets because your health and hygiene matter to us. We aim to satisfy our customers with quality services. By calling us, you will get all these facilities and a hassle-free service of carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. Hurry up and save your carpets from dirty stains and bacterial growth. Connect with our team and be tension-free, we are here to take care of your carpet.

Same-Day Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

We understand the need for carpets in everyday life. One cannot wait too long for carpet cleaning. Hence, we provide same-day carpet steam cleaning. By booking this service, you can get your carpet cleaned within the same day of booking. Our services are quick yet effective. We value our client’s time and money.

Book Our Services of Steam Carpet Cleaning In Melbourne Today!

Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is a firm of genuine and hardworking people. We are passionate about cleaning carpets. Backed with years of experience, we are highly skilled in what we do. If you have spotted a stain or dust on your carpet, call us without hesitation. We can solve your issue and make your carpet look like a new one. Hurry up, your carpet is waiting for such royal treatment.

Why should I steam clean carpets?

Carpet cleaning is a burdening yet crucial task; when done appropriately can revitalise your carpets as new as ever. That is why experts at Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne recommend availing of regular steam cleaning treatment for carpets. Steam cleaning is a classic and most effective way of cleaning carpets. It helps obliterate germs and deep clean carpets with efficacy making them hygienically safe for use. In addition to that steam cleaning is known to restore the shiny, supple texture of your carpets thus allowing you and your family to relish the comfort you rightfully deserve. So the next time you feel your carpet needs a deep clean, steam cleaning is the right way to go.

Importance of commercial steam carpet cleaning

Carpets in offices go through a lot owing to frequent foot friction which is why it is essential you deep clean them with steam cleaning treatment at least twice every year. Steam cleaning helps exterminate germs lurking in carpets thus creating a healthy working space for your employees. This boosts productivity and minimizes the number of sick leaves employees take. Similarly, a more hospitable environment is created when carpets are steam cleaned regularly allowing you to conduct smooth business negotiations and leave a good impression on clients with such orderly and comforting décor. Although steam cleaning is time-consuming it is worth investing in for it has countless benefits in the long run.


1. Why is steam cleaning the best for stain removal?

Steam cleaning removes all the tough stains by cleaning the fibres of the carpet. It gives a complete deep cleaning to your carpet. Call us for the best carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. We can deep clean your carpet and remove all the tough stains.

2. Do I need to pay extra for the sanitization of the carpet?

No. We at Dust Buster Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides free sanitization and deodorization services if you book steam cleaning services.

3. Will your professionals help me to remove the furniture?

Yes. We can understand that removing all assets from a room is not one person’s job and hence we help you to clear out the room for carpet cleaning.

4. Can I book services for emergency carpet cleaning?

Yes. We are available 24/7. Our team works round the clock. You can call us anytime and book services even for emergency carpet cleaning.

5. How much time does it take for your professionals to steam clean the carpet?

The carpet steam cleaning process usually takes 4 to 8 hours. However, some carpets may take more time for drying. In any case, you can get a completely cleaned and dry carpet within 24 hours.


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